The internet is AMAZING.

It’s scary how much information you can find out about somebody, thanks to the world wide web, and your online real estate leads are no different. As a real estate agent working internet leads, you ought to use this powerful tool to your advantage.

Using the Boomerang Lead system, almost all registered users provide a valid, working email address. However, a lot of internet leads provide fake names and phone numbers. Here are a few tips that can help you find out if real estate leads are legit, find out the real names, and find out a lot of other information, some of which they probably don’t want you to know.

If an internet lead provides fake information and an email like, or something like that is ultra generic, you probably don’t want to waste your time doing additional research. For other email addresses, here are three things you can do to find out the real name of your lead.

1. Review The Domain the Email Is On

Every email account is tied to an URL or Domain. Most people use web hosted email addresses like,,, and, or, a domain name that is given to them by their internet service provider like or When leads have these email addresses, you can’t really learn much about them.

Some email addresses are tied to specific websites, such as a company website, family website, or school. If you got a lead from, by looking up the website, you could easily find out that your lead worked for Boomerang Leads. If your lead had an email address like,, you could identify that this lead was either a student or an employee at Utah State University ( If these leads provided “Micky Mouse,” “Joe Schmoe” or other fake names, you could probably search the email domain website to figure out the leads real name.

2. Facebook The Lead’s Email Address

We all know that facebook is the most popular website on the internet. Almost everybody has a facebook account whether they use facebook regularily or not. If the email address they used on their website is the same email address they use on facebook, you will be able to find out information about them simply by typing their email address in the facebook “search” bar.

Use Facebook As A Lead Research Tool

Depending on their facebook settings, you can find out their real name, where they work, phone number, additional email addresses, what their interests are, who their friends are, and more. If the lead is in your local area, there is a chance you may even share common friends. If you are a real estate agent in Georgia, and facebook tells you that this lead lives in California, you can make a pretty good assumption that they might be relocating. If they are avid facebook users and their facebook settings show their newsfeed, you might even be able to find out why they need to move and when they plan on moving.

Google The Email Address

If your facebook search proves unsuccessful, there is still a good chance you will be able to find your lead via google. Google crawls nearly every website on the internet. If the email address provided by your lead is indeed legit, there is a really good chance that it will appear somewhere in the search results on some sort of website that will provide you more information about your lead.

Google Email Addresses to Find More Info

After trying these three tasks, if you still can’t find out more information about the potential lead, then just move on to the next lead. The email address still might be valid, and if you can validate it, and get the lead receiving auto hotsheets there is still a chance this lead may indeed become your client. If they see value in the emails (home listings) they receive from you, then there is a good chance they will contact you when the time comes to view homes for sale.

The nice thing about Boomerang leads is that you will always be receiving new leads. You want to do all you can to work the leads you have, but there’s only so much you can do with an email address that may or may not be real.

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