We are currently working on creating the Ultimate contact management system for working real estate leads. This system will take in years worth of techniques we have used to work real estate leads, track the agents efforts, and semi-automate the process. The purpose of this contact management system is two-fold:

  1. Make real estate lead follow up as simple and effective as possible. Our goal is to help you convert to closing as many leads as possible. Our software will be designed with this in mind.
  2. Provide accountability and motivation for effectively working real estate leads. Our system will create scores for you that show how effective you are at working the leads. If your score is high enough, the lead management software will likely be free for our referral clients.  Some of the scores we plan to implement will include:
  • Average Lead Follow Up time
  • Percentage of Leads with Verified Email Addresses and Saved Searches
  • Number of Phone Call Attempts for Each Lead
  • Number of Prospects (Leads You Have Had Two Way Communication With)
  • Number of Lead Clients you have (people you have shown homes too or met face to face)
  • Number of Under Contract Leads You Have
  • Number of Lead Closings You Have Had

Here are a few of the plans and features we have from our Real Estate Lead Management Software:

Phone Calls – Phone calls are still, and always will be the most important thing you can do with real estate lead follow up. There isn’t a way to really automate the process, but, we do want to make it as simple as possible to keep track of phone calls made, and will have a system set up to help you prioritize which phone calls will need to be made. Our system will have a “need to phone” section that will automatically help you prioritize who to call based on:

  • Status as a New Lead
  • Number of Visits to the Website
  • Recent Visits
  • Saved Searches/Saved Favorite Listings
  • Tasks You Have Set

Emails – Emails updates are the best way to automatically stay in touch with your real estate leads and prospects. Our system will help you to:

  • Verify email addresses, and have clients set up to receive new home listings that match their criteria (these are the most important emails leads will receive)
  • Provide effective, customizable email templates to send out personal emails to leads.
  • Provide drip campaigns to share quality information with leads that are not planning on buying for extended periods of time.

Research – The internet provides many tools that can help you better know who your real estate leads really are, and other potential contact information. Our system will have things set up to simply, or even automatically search:

  • Leads Facebook Profiles
  • Linked In Profiles
  • Spokeo Listings
  • Reverse Phone/Address Info

I-Phone App – We also want to make an Iphone app that will be a simplified version of the lead management system. This app will make it simple to call new prospects and hot leads, and will keep track of the phone calls made in the contact management system, simply by making a phone call.

Unfortunately, our real estate lead management system is still in the infant stages. We are just beginning to get the development and coding worked on. The good news is that because we are just starting to develop it, there is still lots of flexibility in the functionality it will have and the tasks it can perform. We would love your feedback, and any suggestions you would want to help you with your lead follow up and management.

What features do you want in your real estate lead contact management system?  Leave us a comment below and let us know.