How Many Real Estate Leads Am I Going to Receive

Most of our potential new leads want to know, “how many leads am I going to get?”

We get it. We wish that we could tell you exactly how many leads we will be able to provide. Unfortunately, we can never really know how many real estate leads we’ll be able to generate for a specific area. We can make educated guesses based on past experience, but sometimes we are completely wrong. There are many factors that will determine how many leads you will get.

Some of these factors include:

  • How established our website was when our client started. Some of our websites already get LOTS of traffic. Others don’t get traffic yet, but will start getting it once we focus our efforts on the site.
  • How long it takes Google to respond to our increased efforts in improving the websites once we get a client. Google, Yahoo, and Bing have a mind of their own. Sometimes they immediately recognize our websites as “authority” sites, while other times it takes months before they will grant them the “#1 organic ranking”.
  • How competitive the SEO and real estate markets are in a given area. Some areas have lots of competition from other real estate agents and brokerages competing for the organic SEO spots. Other areas have only competition from the national syndication sites.
  • Consumer behavior, trust, and willingness to fill in an online form. We have found that different regions of the Country are more trusting than others. In some areas the percentage of visitors who fill out our online forms is much higher than other areas.
  • Quantity of overall online searches. The time of year, holidays, consumer confidence, and other external factors influence the quantity of online home search activity. For example, less people search for homes online in September compared with the spring or summer months.

While we can’t guarantee the number of leads you will receive in your first few months, we can show you some statistics on the number of leads our actual clients are getting. Here are the actual lead numbers that six of our newer clients have received through September (Well almost all the way through September as today isn’t over yet).

Number of Leads Received By Boomerang Customers During September

September Real Estate Leads

The Orange line represents our Atlanta, GA client. She signed up with Boomerang Leads in April this is her fifth month in the Program. She and her team received 216 leads during September. This was down from the number of leads she received during August. The main domain we use for her lead generation was very established when she signed up.

The Blue line represents our Phoenix client. This is just the second full month that he and his team have been in our program. They have seen a huge increase in the number of leads they received this month 104, compared with just 24 in his first month. This website had a good presence before he ever started, but Google has really taken a liking to this website and has rewarded it with number one rankings very quickly. This site has done abnormally well. Check out the traffic analytics.

Website traffic to our lead generation site in September

The turquoise line represents our client in Cape Coral, Florida. He is also in his second full month with Boomerang leads and has received 33 leads this month compared with 12 leads that he received last month. There has been a steady increase in traffic to this site, and the lead quantity has been very favorable, especially being that this website was not established when he started.

Boomerang Leads Analytics for Cape Coral FL Real Estate Leads

The purple line represents our client in Orange County, California. The website that they are sponsoring was actually quite established when they started. However, for some reason, their google rankings have suffered since they started. Orange County California is also a very competitive market in terms of online real estate. These clients are in their first month with Boomerang and have only received 9 leads. This is the fewest number of leads that any of our clients have ever received in an individual month. While this number is low, it will improve over time. This is one of the reasons that we require contracts for our clients. Maurice Richard Jersey