1. Take Time To Actually Work Leads: Be Consistent. Track what you’re doing and what works for you. If you are consistent in doing the same thing you can better analyze the results to see what works best. Schedule time in advance to work leads, then actually do it. This is the simplest, yet often most neglected aspect of converting real estate leads.

2. Contact All leads immediately. Make phone calls, send emails, and even text messages. The sooner you contact a lead, the more likely you are to convert them. Most buyers will use the FIRST agent who contacts them. You want to make sure the potential clients know that you are a real person, and that you are there to help them. Sometimes it helps to do research. Look them up on facebook, reverse phone look-ups, or stalk them using Spokeo.

3. Send Leads Useful Information. The information you send your leads needs to be useful. It needs to be something of value. One of the most valuable things you will send the leads are home listings. When you send them emails, make them simple, but ask a question and do something to encourage interactivity. If you want to meet real estate leads you need to communicate with them first. Your initial goal with spur curiosity from your online real estate leads and make two way communication. Turn leads into prospects.

4. Keep Trying. Some Leads will respond to your initial phone call, text, or email. Some leads will contact you with a question about a house before you ever even try contacting them. Other Leads may take 9 or 10 attempts before they provide any kind of response. Spend lots of time in the first few days trying to make a REAL contact with the leads. One reason that many agents fail is because they rely on the “automated systems” to communicate with their leads. No automated communication will ever replace personal connections. Some other ways to try and communicate with leads after your other efforts have failed is to befriend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Assume that all leads will use you when they buy their home, they just need to meet you first. Keep Trying.

5. Schedule Follow Up Tasks. If you have a great conversation with a lead, you might think that you are never going to forget them, or when they are planning on buying. But after you get a few hundred leads, you will. Keep good notes and schedule follow up tasks that will remind you to follow up with your prospects.

6. Provide Value and be a Good Real Estate Agent. Once you make contact with a potential internet buyer, and win their trust, it requires good real estate agent skills. You need to keep track of homes on the market, provide service, and adequately follow up in a way that the potential buyer will close with you. The internet buyer expects information now. Do things for them immediately before they get impatient and ask someone else to help.

via Closing Internet Real Estate Leads.