Are you wondering what the most popular time of year for leads are? Or perhaps you may wonder why a website is doing better in Google, but the numbers of visitors are dropping.

Regardless of how well a website may rank in Google, numbers of visitors may actually decline in certain seasons, simply due to the face that certain times of year are more popular for searching for a home than any other season.  There are a large number of factors that may contribute to this, for now we’ll just show you the facts and leave the reasons for “popular real estate search seasons” for another day.

The example drawn in this page is a compilation of the amount of searches in Google, using relevant “Washington State Real Estate” search terms. This chart extends from the period of October 2010, to September 2011.

…In the two months between November, and January there is a 66% increase in the amount of searches.

Amount of searches for terms relevant to "Washington Real Estate" month by monthThe graph above shows just how much of a difference there is in searches from month to month. Different regions may have charts which look slightly different, but this is a national trend to see a graph that appears similar to this. In the two months between November, and January there is a 66% increase in the amount of searches.

January has always been the most popular month for people to begin home searching, and June through August also usually sees a slight increase. Other than those months, there is usually a steady decrease in the amount of people searching for a home to buy. This also supports the theory that people typically begin looking about 6 months before their home closes. So if you are working leads, expect to be getting paid on that lead about six months later.

The last conclusion that can be drawn from this graph (and again, the nation mirrors this trend), that there has been a slight decrease in people searching for real estate in general over the last year. The decrease is not substantial enough to cause any worry.