Real estate lead generation is the key to a successful real estate career.

The fundamental difference between successful agents and those who struggle is lead generation. Those who have, and work leads can always thrive in any market. As a real estate agent it doesn’t matter how good you are at customer service if you don’t have customers to work with. Real estate clients are gained through effective lead generation.

It’s nine o’clock in the morning (that’s early for most real estate agents in my area), you step into your office and don’t have anything planned for the day. You have no clients to work with, no homes to show, and no paperwork to fill out. You need to generate leads, what are you going to do?

Traditional Lead Generation

You can market to your sphere of influence, maybe send them a post card or newsletter, or invite them to lunch and ask for referrals. But really how effective are these lead generation methods? You’ll be spending your time and money on such efforts, and likely won’t be generating any real estate leads at all. Most people in your sphere of influence aren’t planning on buying or selling real estate any time in the near future. While marketing to sphere of influence is a time tested and proven long term lead generation strategy, it’s probability of providing short term business is slim.

What if you are new to an area and don’t have a sphere of influence? What if you just don like bothering your family, friends, and past clients by constantly asking for referrals? What if you just don’t like sending out recipes on postcards because you don’t even cook……? Is it not your personality to give tacky gifts with slogans in hopes that people will remember you are in real estate? No doubt these methods can and do work, but, these methods are not for everyone, nor are they the most effective.

Most of these real estate lead generation techniques are targeted towards getting listings. They are targeted to family, friends, and past clients who already own homes; many of which don’t plan to ever move.

Online Real Estate Lead Generation

What about the first time home buyers? Aren’t they the biggest growing segment in today’s market? The Millennial generation has six million more potential buyers than did the baby boom generation. How do you generate leads for these potential clients? How do you generate leads of people who will be moving to your area from a far away state or country?

The answer is internet real estate leads. By generating online leads through organic search engine optimization, you will have a constant supply of future buyers. Would you rather talk to someone who is thinking about buying, or someone who you just sold a home too three months ago?

Having a strong internet presence isn’t a quick fix to a struggling real estate career. Real estate leads still need to be worked. Phone calls need to be made, and real estate agents still need to have good customer service skills.

The problem with online lead generation is that it is very competitive, and very hard for real estate agents to do. There are only so many organic internet leads that can be generated from each area. It literally takes months of dedicated website work to get in position to start generating leads.

If you are tired of seeing little success from your current lead generation efforts, we can help. We are experts at organic real estate lead generation. We will do the work necessary to generate the leads, you simply have to work them.

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