Anyone who has worked internet real estate leads for a while knows that some leads are going to be “eternal leads.” These are the people that continually come back to your website, they look at homes for sale all the time, yet you can never make contact with them. Some of these leads even save homes as favorites and make showing requests.

While trying to work leads, agents spend hours trying to work these “eternals” but get very little results. The problem with working these leads is that the time spent often takes away from working more promising leads. After the lead pipeline is filled, some real estate agents tasks become so backlogged that they don’t have time for all of them; potential clients start slipping through the cracks.

I don’t have any statistics or exact numbers, but of most of the leads you call, you’ll be able to contact them within the first three or four calls. But…. there are a few leads that can be contacted on additional phone calls. Many of these people see the call on their caller ID, but refuse to answer the call because they don’t recognize the incoming phone number. If you call someone enough, they will eventually get curious, and finally answer the phone. This is one reason many real estate agents prefer not to leave voice-mail messages for their real estate leads.

Eternal leads can become closings. They will eventually communicate. When you have limited time to work your leads you want to spend them doing the most productive tasks and follow up with the most promising leads. So what should you do about your eternal leads?

One of our brokerages in Salt Lake has recently take initiative to solve their problem of wasting time with eternal leads. They have teamed up with a lender who is spending all day making phone calls, just to their list of “eternal leads.” By making hunderds of phone calls each day, he will eventually make contact with many of them.

The lender is very happy to have these potential contacts. They represent a way for him to make more connections and increase his business.

By having the lender focus on these less than golden leads, the real estate agents are able to focus more of their time in more productive prospects. This should lead to more closings from the additional prospects, plus additional closings from the lenders contacts.

There are many other potential ways real estate agents can effectively work eternal leads. This was one method that I thought sounded smart and worth sharing.
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