Trulia put on a webinar this morning about capturing, working, and converting real estate leads. I listened in on it, and they had some good advice. They suggested that the best way to contact your online real estate leads is to contact them as soon as they register.

The most efficient way to follow up with your real estate leads is to call them within 5 Minutes of their registration.  According to a study, you are far more likely to make contact with your leads within five minutes of registration than you are after even 10 minutes. Your chances of making contact with them within the five minutes is far greater because they are in “real estate mode.” They are thinking about real estate, and being that they are on the computer looking for homes, they might be in position where they have free time and can actually answer the phone.

When you call a lead this quickly, they aren’t going to forget that they registered on your website. They will know exactly who you are and why you called. When people enter their phone number in an online registration form, they are essentially saying, “I will allow you to call me.”

In addition, how impressed will a potential buyer be that a real estate agent contacted them that quickly?

Most real estate agents don’t get around at all to calling their leads, let alone calling them within a few minutes of registration.

If a Realtor is going to contact a real estate lead immediately, doesn’t that also indicate that the agent is on top of things, and that they will also be prompt when working with their clients? People, especially internet buyers, want good service and they want information now.

When my sister was looking for homes, she registered on a real estate website and an agent did just that. He contacted her immediately. She mentioned to me how impressed she was that the agent was that on top of things. She was tempted to even use him as an agent, even though I was her brother!

Some of the people that register on your website might be annoyed that you call them that quickly, but, the number of positive reactions will far outweigh any negative consequences.

Additional Follow Up

The trainer hosting the webinar also recommended:

Do lots of follow up within the first two weeks then back off a bit. If you can’t get hold of them right away, try back in a couple of weeks, and then again in six months. Also check what they are doing online, if they keep coming back to your website and searching for homes, then they are more likely to respond.

Email Follow Up: The best emails are short ones. If an email is long, it gets overwhelming for an internet users short attention span and they will just disregard it.

Text Follow UP: If they don’t answer the phone call, try sending them a text. It’s the way many people communicate today, and they might not be in position where they can make a call, but they might respond to a text.

How to Follow Up:

  • Be Human
  • Be Persistent
  • Be Actionable


  • Who You Are
  • Your Contact Info
  • And Emphasize that you are the person that they should call.

via Lead Training Notes.