Here at Boomerang Leads, we specialize in providing you real estate leads for your business, and we like to think we’re the best around.  We want to continue providing incredible leads, along with the tools you need to convert those leads into paychecks.  So, we’re developing our own real estate lead management software system.  The idea behind this system is a little different than any system we saw at the NAR expo this year.  Our system will be based on the idea of using the lead data and meta-data in our database to help you decide on which leads to work and when to work them.

Using our uniquely developed lead algorithms, we’ll be able to prioritize your leads on a daily basis so that you can have the highest level of success in your real estate business.   As you work your leads, add notes about your leads, and update their specific information and needs, our system will then analyze your leads and give you the best least to work everyday, along with stats, reminders, email templates, and continued updates and enhancements to the software.

We also have our eye on a future iPhone application that will allow you to be notified of new leads, allow you to call and email those leads from your phone and those actions will be logged into that lead info so that you don’t have to worry about tracking your actions with any particular lead while on the go.

Our system is also going to be integrated as much as possible with social media.  If there is anyway to integrate your leads with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, we’ll be using those capabilities in our software so that you can better identify with your leads before you even follow up with them.

We’re getting excited here at Boomerang Leads to start internal testing of our system in the near future, and hope for an initial release the first part of 2012.  So, if you don’t already use our service, or have been on the fence deciding whether or not to use us, hopefully this will encourage you to get off the fence and start improving your business by allowing us to develop a website for you that rocks your Google world, and produces organic leads that you can turn into clients and closings.

Sign up now or contact us to find our more about our service.  To read up on how we work, use the menu at the top to find out more detailed information.