We’ve all learned over and over how it is much easier to retain a customer than it is to get a new one. The same applies to internet traffic. Once we have a customer on out website, that customer will remain valuable, and the risk of losing that customer can be the difference between selling an extra home or not.

The best way to retain customers and a high amount of visits to a website? Automatic E-mail Updates!

This graph on the right demonstrates the direct correlation that automatic e-mails have with traffic visitors. This was a graph is of visitors who explore

Auto E-mail Updates increase pageviews.

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While search engines bring in a large number of fresh (and sometimes repeat) traffic, it is the aged traffic that you will be able to rely on as potential home buyers.

The advantage of a repeat visitor

In this case of automatic e-mail repeat vistors, these are people who are returning to the website are 1) already registered, and 2) are looking for a specific home/type of home. The beauty of the automatic e-mail, is that it completely fulfills the second requirement. It sends a personal e-mail, from you, which shows “this home just came on the market… it fits your criteria.” That information is gold to a prospective home buyer, and you can make it happen automatically with automatic e-mails.

How To Set Up Auto E-mail

Setting up auto e-mail is easy. Just a few steps will make it so your leads will receive e-mail every time you find a home you are interested in.

  • Log into the IDXbroker service
  • Go to the lead management
  • Click on the name of the lead which you would like to set up auto e-mail for
  • Review which properties the lead has saved, or which properties the lead recently looked at
  • Login as the lead
  • Perform a search that is similar to what the previously explored properties are for said lead
  • Save the search

Once you’ve saved a search, every time a property is posted that fits the leads criteria, they will receive an e-mail letting them know of the listing. It’s as easy as that!