Call Scrubbing

Call Scrubbing

One of the most essential components to converting real estate buyer leads is making contact with them as soon as possible. But let’s be realistic – you can’t always be right by your phone making calls. Successful real estate agents are usually busy showing homes, writing offers, and assisting their current clients.

We take the hardest part of leads and puts it in our hands – qualifying a lead.
Now you get to focus on the things that matter – selling real estate.
You are only notified of a lead if we deem it as a lead with potential to purchase.

The call center serves two main purposes:

  • Sift through the good leads and the bad leads
  • Gain crucial information which will be helpful to you when working with the prospective buyer

Scrubbers important information, such as:

  • When the buyer wants to purchase
  • If the buyer already has an agent
  • If the buyer will need a lender
  • What the buyers price range is
  • Any other requests which the buyer may have for a home

When a potential buyer is contacted, they are contacted by a tech support representative from your website shortly after they register. This scrubber/ tech support helps the buyer complete their home search profile, and at that time they gather the information listed above.

This call center has been very successful for many clients as it reduces the amount of leads who fall through the cracks immensely. Our call center also seamlessly integrates into our CRM, BLIS (Boomerang Leads Information System).