With leads “your first impression is your most important impression” is more true than with anything else. How and when you make that impression can be the difference between closing a sale and not closing it.

If you’ve been trying to contact leads and have noticed that they either never answer, or if they do answer they are in a rush and have no time to talk to you right then. They promise you they will call back, and ultimately you are the one calling them back. You may be trying to contact that person at the wrong time of day. So when is it best to contact a lead? The answer will always be the same: within the first five minutes of their registration. That is of course, in the ideal situation.

Now if you’re wondering what time of day is best to contact a lead, given a choice between evening or morning, the answer is contact them during the time of day in which they registered (evening registration = evening contact).
Contact the lead during the same time of day in which they registered
This is because that is most likely to be the time of day when somebody who is home shopping is also available to talk. True, some people register while they are on the clock at work so they can not speak on the phone. But most leads are available to talk at the time of registration.

So let’s put this into a realistic situation. You were out showing homes to a different lead that evening, and you just aren’t available to call the new registrant until the next morning,. You call them, and it goes to voice mail. They’re probably at work. (Tip: It is still good to call them, even if it is just to leave your telephone number on their caller ID.) That way, when you call in the evening when you are available they will wonder “who is this phone number that has been trying to contact me all day?” If you call at the same time of day which they registered, you will notice better success in having a meaningful real estate centered conversation. This ultimately means your closing rate will go up, and you will have more success.