Boomerang Leads Configures a New Telephone Number For You

When a visitor comes to a website, they will eventually be prompted to register to view more homes. Not everybody wants to register, but some people would rather call a person directly. We offer website visitors with that option by placing a telephone number on the site which will connect directly to any phone you’d like*.

We offer the Google Voice service for two reasons:

1) Place a new telephone number only associated with this website directly onto the website.
2) Help us track calls (including missed calls and voicemails) which are a direct results from our marketing efforts.

What Do I Do When I Get a Phone Call From This Number?

When you receive a call from the website it will appear on your phone normally. When you answer your phone normally, Google Voice will prompt you to either press 1 to accept the call, or to press 2 to send the call to voicemail. We hope you can answer this call quickly, as these callers are typically the most ready to buy of all the leads.

After the conversation and at your next available convenience, add all the callers information as a “New Lead” and lead type “Hotline” into your account at my.boomerangleads. By doing this, you will be able to track any notes that you have with this lead. Also, this will help you remember “this call was from the website and generated because of Boomerang Leads efforts.” Referral fees will apply to these callers.

When you miss a telephone call from your Google Voice number, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the callers number, and the time of the call. If the caller leaves a voice mail, that will also be included in the e-mail which you receive.

Keep in mind that people who call from the website are serious lookers! These people want information quickly, and if they can’t get it from you quickly, they’ll move on quickly. By being the most responsive and readily available Realtor, your chances of closing the deal associated with that caller shoots through the roof.

* Google Voice can not forward calls to phones which are already connected to a Google Voice number.