We’ve been busy all winter developing 2.0 of our lead management software, and are ready to release to the public.   Below is a quick screen shot that give you a quick look at only a few awesome features we’ve added to make your life easier when working your online real estate leads.



From left to right, you’ll see that you can quickly expand a lead to see your previous notes (add/edit/delete notes).  You’ll see that we’re showing you how many times the lead has visited the site, their last visit, the average price of homes they’ve looked at and the last time you made a note on the lead.  You’ll also see the next task date to follow up with that lead, and you’re able to rate the lead (similar to iTunes).

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see that when you hover over the blue search icon, you’ll see the lead’s average search criteria so you can quickly get a glance at the price range and areas they are looking.  You can see how many phone calls and emails you’ve sent them, and whether or not you’ve had success with your contacting efforts with the green color indicating success.

Another feature that has been extremely helpful and well received is our Facebook look up icon, which allows you to automate a search for that lead on Facebook.  When a lead’s email address is associated with a Facebook account, you’ll be able to know that the email does exist, that it does match the person who registered as a lead, and you’ll be able to put a face with a name with make a warm call just a little warmer.   Not to mention that depending on their privacy settings, you may be able to see that they have horses, and may be in the market for horse property, or something similar that will allow you ease of initial conversation.

Lastly, on the far right, we’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that will allow us to identify HOT leads, meaning leads you should follow up with quickly and try to turn that lead into a client.  This algorithm is based on many factors, but visiting frequency, last visit, star rating and average home price are just a few of the specific things that our system analyzes.

As mentioned before, these are just a few features that are added to the email templates/campaigns, task management, drag and drop, alert notification features that are also available in our system.   So give us a call or sign up on our site and one of our staff members will be in contact with you.