Boomerang Leads bring Boomerang For Agents

Boomerang Leads premier service has been extremely helpful for teams and brokerages, but for those with smaller budgets the service hasn’t been quite the right fit… until now.

Boomerang Leads has launched a new proudct called Boomerang For Agents. This product allows individual agents to have all the benefits which brokerages and teams have, but on a small scale and with an ‘a la carte’ option. If you want just a website, we can do that. Want a website and have some additional traffic coming in which become real estate leads, we can do that. You pay for only what you want.

What’s better is that certain fees have also been waived. You don’t need to worry about paying any referral fees, and you also don’t need to worry about paying per lead.

Our goal is to make online marketing much more accessible for all agents – not just those who have a large monthly budget and are willing to pay high up front cost.

You can learn all about this service at