download (2)A common misunderstanding about online real estate leads, is that they are instant business.  While there are instances where an online lead is ready and willing to buy right now, most of the time an online lead is just beginning their real estate search, and are 3-6 months out.

We see this a lot with our clients who come to us wanting to increase their business, but after 3 months express that they are getting burned out and not seeing a return on their investment.  The truth is, they are so very close at that point of filling their pipeline of business, that if they quit now, it’s all a waste.

You see, if a new online lead (a person who is browsing your website and registers with information to continue using your site to look at homes) registers on your site in January, they are likely going to be buying in May or later.  If you are new to working leads, and don’t realize the initial up front investment in this aspect of your business, then you’re going to probably burn out by March or April, and not reap the fruits of your labors.

Here’s what you need to do, STICK TO IT!  Our newest agent in our brokerage joined about six months ago, and had never worked leads before.  I coached her through about six month of calling leads everyday, making notes and follow up tasks on each lead.  It wasn’t easy and there were days she wanted to quit, but I wouldn’t let her. Now, she’s closing 2-4 deals a month and is so busy with her pipeline, that her new leads are sitting for a time before she has time to call and work them into a prospect or client.  You see, now that her pipeline is full, and she has made it through the investment phase of her business, it’s now a matter of staying on top of the new leads that come in, and take care of the existing clients that she has, and her business will remain steady and solid for years to come.  The best part, she didn’t knock one door, approach one FSBO or send out one flyer.  She simply worked her internet leads that were generated by us, and stuck to it.

That is a success story of one of our own.  We have agents and brokerages all over the country with similar stories.  If you’d like to be one of our success stories, we’d love to hear from you, and partner up to make 2013 a huge success, and just a springboard to future business for years to come.  Check out our new agent website offering that is low cost, quick and easy to set up and be on your way.