download (1)Most may think that any house project should help improve the value of their home somehow. However, here are 5 that should be avoided if you are considering ever selling your home as they can have a negative impact on your home value. To see the video of HGTV’s, Sabrina Soto, click here.

  1. Converting bedrooms into other spaces- If the home has 4 bedrooms, buyers want to see 4 bedrooms. If you don’t want to convert it, don’t ever get rid of the closet in the room!
  2. Hot tubs- Who really wants to relax in the previous owners dead skin? Plus once hot tubs are installed, they are hard to remove.
  3. Colored trim and textured walls- Trim is not an huge hassle to repaint. The same goes for textured walls. Both of these are a lot harder to customize than just painting over a wall.
  4. Children’s theme bedrooms- Not only will your child outgrow the mural you spend $$$ within a few years, potential home buyers are just going to view it as another “fix it” project they would have to do.
  5. Too much landscaping- Sotos says to “keep up with the Joneses — but don’t exceed them.” Potential buyers will see a beautiful yard and think of how much time it’s going to take to maintain it.

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