images (1)It has been said that we learn from one another, improve from their example, and are more comfortable with moving forward when someone has left footsteps in front of us. Not only do such principles apply to our day to day personal life, but they also apply to our professional life. As real estate agents, each and every one of us, is doing what we can to acquire leads. The acquisition of leads enables individuals to act, move forward, and potentially reap the benefits tied to hard work. We learn from others success as well as their experience, especially in the real estate world.

Boomerang Leads is company which offers an opportunity for realtors to have access to acquiring real estate leads and potentially converting these leads into closings. We asked one of our clients to share her experience with the services provided by Boomerang Leads; so that realtors can learn from her experience and come to understand the potential success they could have from using the services provided.

Our clients experience with Boomerang Leads:

Boomerang Leads is literally where about 80% of my business stems from. I have been selling real estate for 14 years, so I have tried several of the lead programs out there, always hoping to find the MAGIC ENTRY to the REAL buyers. Well, I have found it! On average I typically receive about 3-5 leads per day. I have sold homes to clients from Florida, Colorado, California, North Dakota, Montana, and have clients waiting to sell their home in Arizona, so they can purchase here. I have found this to be the most effective way to grab the internet leads, before another agent is involved!! I don’t know how you do it, but BOOMERANG, YOU are the BEST!!!

Follow in this clients footsteps, learn from her experience, and discover how Boomerang Leads can help you find success with your real estate business!