downloadLet’s explore a fact that so many individuals already know; the internet has transformed the entire real estate industry. Only two decades ago, potential real estate buyers were largely in the dark about their choices, the homes available, and how to even find real estate currently on the market. Real estate professionals on the other hand were wizards, because they held secret mysterious knowledge of their trade.

Though times have changed due to technological advancement, clients now have increased access to information along with that real estate agents have increased access to potential clients. Social media and marketing are not only changing the way in which individuals interact, but also how real estate agents interact with their clients. Only ten years ago, Facebook did not exist; today, however, more than 80 percent of real estate professionals are using the service in their jobs.

This has led to not only changes in communication, but more importantly to changes in advertising and marketing. Because the internet has come to dominate real estate marketing, real estate agents therefore have increased opportunities to reach potential clients more quickly and even more efficiently. As you come to learn the purpose which technology serves in the real estate market discover how the services provided at Boomerang Leads can assist you in your success as a real estate agent!