imagesSo you have finally figured out a way to generate real estate leads or you are in the market to find real estate leads through the internet? Though you are on track to having success in the real estate market, it is important to realize that just because you have the leads does not mean that you will convert them into closings, unless you take the time to work the leads. Without a solid real estate working system, the only thing you will be generating is a lot of work and heartache. With online leads you must be willing to invest time upfront in order to see the leads converted into closings.

With that in mind here are TWO tips to assist in a proper lead system to ensure the internet leads you are gathering are being converted into closings.

1. Customer Service/Follow Up at Internet Speed

It is clearly evident that everything is faster on the internet. Think of the last time you went shopping online and had a question. Odds are you were not willing to wait even half an hour to receive an answer from an online store. In order to work your online leads effectively make it easy for them to contact you, responds within five minutes, and always provide something of value in every phone call with every lead.

2. Give the People Exactly What They Want

When contacting leads it is important to ask yourself why they contacted you in the first place: what exactly are they looking to achieve by talking to you? Knowing why they contacted you is critical because then you can create or find the resources they are desiring to get their hands on. Compile resources such as buyer’s guides, market statistical reports, recent neighborhood sales, and advice article about picking lenders. With resources easily accessible you will have an excuse to contact them and also will be ready for whatever questions they may have.

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