BDBanner3Generating leads in real estate is one of the most important aspects of the business, because business stems from the leads. In order to increase your real estate leads use the given tips as well as the services provided by Boomerang Leads.

1. Use a website and blog
Over 90% of property transactions start on the internet and the average home buyer searches online for 11 weeks before they connect with a real estate agent, thus it is absolutely critical to have a strong online presence.

2. Be involved in your community
Get involved with organizations within your community in effort to network. Have your business cards available wherever you go so that you can promote your name, build relationships, and make friends.

3. Use social networking to your advantage
Make sure you are that you are not only visible on twitter, facebook, youtube, and linkedin, but you also are engaging in social conversation. Such conversation will help to expand your sphere of influence and in turn read a broader demographic.

4. Drip/direct marketing
The keys to successful direct mail is sending material people will find useful and being consistent. If you decide to send a monthly newsletter, make sure you send it at the same time every month. People are more inclined to read and keep information then just a straight up sales pitch.

5. Request referrals
If you have happy clients, ask them to refer family and friends to you. Lots of leads come from word of mouth from previous clients. Be sure to always keep in touch with past clients so that you are fresh on their minds to refer when they can.