Facebook-IconAs a real estate agent it can often be difficult to identify how facebook or other social networking sites can be used in order to obtain business, specifically leads. It is important to realize that sites such as facebook provide the opportunity for a real estate agents to participate in the mundane conversations and comments all the while keeping their eye out for the “big news” or a way to break through and promote what they have to offer. The “big news” often includes major lifestyle announcements like getting a new job, announcing a pregnancy, or simply a change in relationship status because such announcements generally require housing needs. With that in mind, next time someone in your social stream mentions any of these lifestyle triggers they are open a window of opportunity which you should be more than prepared to enter. In order to effectively execute this strategy and potentially generate even more leads be sure to follow these three easy steps:

Be an active engager
After taking the time to connect with a current or even prospective client on a social network site like facebook, it is critical to make the initiative to stay in touch. By taking the time to actively engage with them on a regular basis, your relationship on a personal level will have an easier time opening the door of opportunity when the time is appropriate.

Actively engaging with potential clients does not mean that you are required to like, comment, or share everything they post; rather it means that every so often you take the time to engage in what they are posting. It is amazing how powerful that like button can be, thus go ahead and take the time to spread some social love. Generally, your efforts will not go unnoticed which potential may assist you in the future.

Sound your social siren
When you take the time to actively engage on a regular basis with those who may have recently announced a big life event, you no longer appear as a creepy telemarketer. It is imperative that when you see lifestyle announcements you recognize that such posts are much like a red flag waving you through or giving you the go. Thus, when you see these announcements go beyond a simple like and comment. Congratulate them, empathize, or cheer in order to show that you are not only interested in their life, but you more than anything care.

Take it offline
When done right social media can serve as an powerful and incredible supplement to all you do as a real estate professional. However, it is important to realize that such a tool can only assist you not do it for you. After your social siren sounds and you actively engage, discover a way to move the conversation offline and make it personal. bns goldbuy bns gold