Tips on How to Make a Follow-Up Call

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Have you have ever found yourself sitting in front of the phone and dreading to pick it up and make a phone call? A cold call is perhaps one of the most intimidating tasks of the average realtor. Thankfully, however, when using the internet to generate real estate leads, the first phone call to an internet lead is not a cold call, simply because the person not only took the time to register on your website, but also provided you with...

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How to Work Real Estate Internet Leads

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So you have finally figured out a way to generate real estate leads or you are in the market to find real estate leads through the internet? Though you are on track to having success in the real estate market, it is important to realize that just because you have the leads does not mean that you will convert them into closings, unless you take the time to work the leads. Without a solid real estate working system, the only thing you will be...

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Technology Serves in the Real Estate Market

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Let’s explore a fact that so many individuals already know; the internet has transformed the entire real estate industry. Only two decades ago, potential real estate buyers were largely in the dark about their choices, the homes available, and how to even find real estate currently on the market. Real estate professionals on the other hand were wizards, because they held secret mysterious knowledge of their trade. Though times have...

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Acquiring One Lead at a Time

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It has been said that we learn from one another, improve from their example, and are more comfortable with moving forward when someone has left footsteps in front of us. Not only do such principles apply to our day to day personal life, but they also apply to our professional life. As real estate agents, each and every one of us, is doing what we can to acquire leads. The acquisition of leads enables individuals to act, move forward, and...

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