EOTM Announcement – 8/2012

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you have been waiting anxiously to hear the news of who gets the coveted parking spot today, and a sponsored gas station lunch from Boomerang Leads. Today I get the parking spot, but tomorrow I do not. Drumroll. RACHEL CASTLE YOU ARE THE WINNER! Rachel is awarded the employee of the month for her dislike towards Coldplay, her love of country music and Taio Cruz. Also, nobody else can move their head to the...

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EOTM Announcement – 7/2012

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Hello Everybody, The EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH goes to Colby. Colby is awarded the EOTM for his dead pan humour, many talents, and solid work ethic (even though he elects to miss planes and come to work late to help out D.I.D.’s (damsel in distress)). We could all learn from The Bair. Until we have a sign posted, Colby will take the prime parking spot until the 1st of August. That means that Cassie can no longer park there (move your car...

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