Best Conversion: Follow Up on Leads Within 5 Minutes

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Tips For Working Leads |

Trulia put on a webinar this morning about capturing, working, and converting real estate leads. I listened in on it, and they had some good advice. They suggested that the best way to contact your online real estate leads is to contact them as soon as they register. The most efficient way to follow up with your real estate leads is to call them within 5 Minutes of their registration.  According to a study, you are far more likely to make...

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6 Keys To Converting Internet Leads

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Leads, Tips For Working Leads |

1. Take Time To Actually Work Leads: Be Consistent. Track what you’re doing and what works for you. If you are consistent in doing the same thing you can better analyze the results to see what works best. Schedule time in advance to work leads, then actually do it. This is the simplest, yet often most neglected aspect of converting real estate leads. 2. Contact All leads immediately. Make phone calls, send emails, and even text messages. The...

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Lead Closing Percentages

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in General Topics, Leads, Tips For Working Leads |

So, you’re getting leads and have converted a few. How do you know that you are on the right track for a proper lead conversion percentage? Well, this is a hard question to answer due to the many variables to consider. You have some leads that are looking to buy now, and some who want to wait a while. Some leads register with bogus info, and some give real names and numbers. You also have the leads that leave bogus info so they can...

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Busiest Times For Real Estate Searches

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in General Topics, Leads, Tips For Working Leads |

Are you wondering what the most popular time of year for leads are? Or perhaps you may wonder why a website is doing better in Google, but the numbers of visitors are dropping. Regardless of how well a website may rank in Google, numbers of visitors may actually decline in certain seasons, simply due to the face that certain times of year are more popular for searching for a home than any other season.  There are a large number of factors that...

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What To Do With “Eternal Leads”

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Tips For Working Leads |

Anyone who has worked internet real estate leads for a while knows that some leads are going to be “eternal leads.” These are the people that continually come back to your website, they look at homes for sale all the time, yet you can never make contact with them. Some of these leads even save homes as favorites and make showing requests. While trying to work leads, agents spend hours trying to work these “eternals” but...

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Understand Internet Real Estate Leads Leads – 4 Steps to Improve

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Leads, Tips For Working Leads |

For those of us who work internet leads effectively, we know that it actually does require work and patience. Internet real estate leads aren’t “clients” they are simply people who are interested at looking for homes for sale online. However, most of these leads will eventually become buyers. And so by properly working them, closings will happen. Here are four tips from an article I read in this morning....

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