The Power of Facebook in the Real Estate World

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As a real estate agent it can often be difficult to identify how facebook or other social networking sites can be used in order to obtain business, specifically leads. It is important to realize that sites such as facebook provide the opportunity for a real estate agents to participate in the mundane conversations and comments all the while keeping their eye out for the “big news” or a way to break through and promote what they have...

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Pinterest and Real Estate?

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It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and can create a lasting impression on the individual viewing it. With that in mind it is clear why visuals can be among one of the best ways to sell anything, especially real estate. is among one of the fastest growing tools for getting those photos into the homes of buyers and sellers. This innovative social networking site truly grants the opportunity to increase...

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One Lead at a Time

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Generating leads in real estate is one of the most important aspects of the business, because business stems from the leads. In order to increase your real estate leads use the given tips as well as the services provided by Boomerang Leads. 1. Use a website and blog Over 90% of property transactions start on the internet and the average home buyer searches online for 11 weeks before they connect with a real estate agent, thus it is absolutely...

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With the holidays quickly approaching, Boomerang Leads is offering a holiday gift which grants an opportunity to sign up as a client and enjoy the benefits tied to our lead generating services. As you look for gifts this holiday season enjoy the gift we have provided and start out the next year right by using Boomerang...

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Tips on How to Make a Follow-Up Call

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Have you have ever found yourself sitting in front of the phone and dreading to pick it up and make a phone call? A cold call is perhaps one of the most intimidating tasks of the average realtor. Thankfully, however, when using the internet to generate real estate leads, the first phone call to an internet lead is not a cold call, simply because the person not only took the time to register on your website, but also provided you with...

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