How The Program Works

We understand that the most crucial part of selling real estate is finding home buyers. We spend countless hours of research to let us know where a home buyer begins their home search – then we position you where the home buyers search for real estate. We then make our website as more than an online brochure, but as a valuable home searching tool.

By doing this, we provide a huge opportunity to pair you with home buyers – long before any other agent gets the opportunity. These home buyers may be interested now, or in several months. Either way, by making you their first contact as a professional in the industry, your chances of selling homes will skyrocket.

Our service is simple – we provide the tools to get home buyers to your door, essentially the exact same way that a Realtor from another part of the United States would give you the contact information of a buyer who is coming to your area.

It all starts here: real estate agent, teams, or brokerages subscribe to an IDX service, which allows us to add real estate listings and lead capture capability to our custom designed website. These home listings provide value and convert website visitors into Realtor leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation

After your IDX feed is approved by your MLS and broker, we integrate the listings into our website and optimize that site for top, lead-generating performance. Your sponsor website will slowly start dominating the search engine rankings and continuously produce more buyer leads for each month. At Boomerang Leads, we do all of the website design and lead generation work; you simply contact the leads, show homes, and get closings.

Examples of Boomerang Websites

To see a website in action, you can visit or just to name a few.  These sites will give you an idea of what your future clients will experience when visiting your sponsor sites.

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