You’re a real estate agent who wants to have more business, and you know in today’s world that your potential clients are looking for homes online.  When they find homes that they want to see, they have to contact an agent who will work with them to line up the showings and gain access to the homes.  Most likely, they will use the agent they see on the site they are using.

How do you get them to use your site over the others, and how do you then collect that person’s contact information so that you can help them find the right home?

This is where we come in.  We are able to develop you a website using listing tools from to display real estate listings from your MLS, that will help you to generate leads. After leads our generated, our innovative software will help you to stay on top of, and convert internet leads to closings.

There are some basic, easy steps to get started.

1.  Select The Website To Use

We have experience making high quality websites that keep users engaged — and generate leads. We use WordPress and IDX broker to make this possible. Our websites have high conversion rates, and integrate seamlessly with our lead management system.

In some areas, we have existing websites that can be used as yours. In these instances, there is no up start up fee to use our service.

If you already have an IDX website with lead capture we can possibly generate leads for you, but probably not as efficiently as if you have your site built through us.

2. Choose Your Lead Budget

- A great website and lead management system doesn’t provide much value unless you actually generate leads. While it’s a good thing to generate your own leads, we can help jump start your prospecting by sending clients to your website through the search engines.

You can start with $100 a month, or spend more than $1000 per month. Our search engine marketing experts will evaluate your area and help you develop a plan that will generate the business you desire. Every area of the country is different, and our ability to generate leads for each price will vary.

3. Contact leads. Use the system. Close Deals.

After the site is completed, use the tools provided in our CRM to contact, follow up, and convert these leads into closings.

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