Our pay by commission solution is a great option for real estate agents and brokerages who understand the value of a good referral. With our program, you pay a 25% referral fee for the deals that close from our leads. After you’ve been in our program for a few months, you should have closings every month.

To subscribe to our “pay-by-referral” plan, you must follow our guidelines for working leads. We don’t really make money until you make money; we don’t want these leads wasted. We have years of experience working with real estate leads, and know what needs to be done to have high conversion rates. To be in our referral program, you will be required to record your efforts working the leads, and update your progress in our software.

Referral Program Minimum Standards

To be in our referral program you must meet these minimum standards:

  • Minimum of two team or brokerage members
  • Use our CRM, BLIS (Boomerang Leads Information System) to work and manage leads.
  • Update your notes and status anytime a lead becomes a Prospect (Two Way Communication).
  • Update your notes and status anytime a lead becomes a Client (Someone you have shown homes to or had sign a buyers rep).
  • Update your notes and status every time a lead gets “Under Contract”
  • Update your notes and status every time leads close.
  • Update Bi-Weekly Lead Progress Reports

These tasks are simple and, when effectively done, are the key to massive amounts of lead closings. You will notice that these things which you will be doing anyway if you are a successful agent. The lead management system we provide is designed to help you to convert as many leads as possible. If you don’t want to be held to these requirements, we have a pay per lead option where you simply pay for each lead you receive.

So How Much is The Commission Fee?

The commission fee is 25% of the Gross Commission BAC closed.

Start Up Fee

We charge a start up fee to be in our commission program. This charge helps to cover some of our costs associated with website design, domain acquisition, web hosting, search engine marketing, IDX integration, software development and lead generation. Startup fee varies depending on team size. Call 410-415-3237 to inquire or complete our application.

Monthly Fee

On months when there is no referral fee paid to us, we also charge a small monthly fee. This cost will depend on your area, the websites we have available, how many leads you want, and how competitive online search traffic is in your area. Call 410-415-3237 to complete our application.

Ready To Sell Homes?

***If you sign up for our referral program, you can’t switch to the pay per lead plan later. This decision must be made at initial sign up.