Our Pay- Per-Lead Option is Best for Brokerages, and agents who have money to invest, or already know how to work internet real estate leads. Agents who know the value of leads find that this option offers a better return than paying a 25% referral fee for every closing. This is a great way to buy real estate leads.

With our pay-per lead plan, you are free to choose how you are going to work the leads, and don’t have to be held accountable to follow our guidelines for working leads as in the referral system***. You simply pay a flat fee per lead, once a month, for all the leads you received the previous month.

The price per lead starts at $15 per lead for raw leads, but can vary based on the area. In general, leads for areas with healthy real estate markets and high home prices are more expensive.

Stop paying high prices for leads that you don’t have yet.  Don’t pay dollars for clicks that will never result in leads. Pay once a month for only the leads you received that month, and look professional doing it with our complimentary website that will soon dominate the search engines.

Other Costs Associated With Buying Real Estate Leads

For us to generate you high quality real estate leads, we need a way to add MLS listings to the website. You will need to subscribe to and pay for an IDX feed through IDX broker. This charge is $39.99 a month. Some MLS’s also charge their customers additional fees to have IDX feeds. These fees can be upfront, monthly, or annually. You will have to check directly with your MLS for specific details of any additional fees that they may charge for IDX feeds.

Because you are buying leads from us with no guarantee that you will actually see closings, many agents also like to purchase lead management software to help them manage and keep track of their leads. In the near future we will be able to provide the best real estate lead management software on the market.  The IDX broker system has basic lead management functionality, but many agents prefer a more complex CRM.

The only additional charge we have for our pay-per-lead program is a small start up fee. This charge helps to cover some of our costs associated with website design, domain acquisition, website security, software development and IDX integration.  Other than this start up fee, there are no additional costs paid directly to Boomerang Leads.

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***If you sign up for our referral program, you can’t switch to the pay per lead plan later. This decision to buy real estate leads must be made at initial signup.