The number of leads you will receive will vary depending on how big your market is, how competitive online real estate marketing is in your area, and how established the “sponsor” site already is.

Most of the traffic we will bring your sponsor site will be from Organic SEO (search engine optimization). SEO work takes time. There may only be a few leads the first few months, but the number of leads you receive should increase every month. If you do not receive at least 4 leads each month we will pay your monthly IDX feed for you.

After a year in the program, your sponsor website should be generating anywhere between 50 to 1,000 leads each month.

To effectively take advantage of the program we recommend that each agent working leads receive less than 100 leads per month.

When “sponsor” websites generate more than a hundred leads a month, there should be other agents on the team or in the brokerage that are also working leads. No one agent can efficiently work more than a hundred leads a month and still get the attention each lead needs for a high conversion rate.

Having more leads than you can handle is a problem you probably want. However, we don’t want you to have to pay for more leads than you can effectively work. We are looking to create “win win” long term partnerships. If you don’t have other agents on your team or in your brokerage that are able to work the leads, let us know and we can help find another agent in your area to take over some of the leads your sponsor website is generating.