Nearly all the leads you will receive are from real people, looking for homes for sale in your area. Occasionally, you will receive a CMA request from a potential seller wanting to know the value of their home. 99% of the leads will be leads of potential buyers looking to buy real estate. Many of the buyer leads also have homes that they need to sell and can turn into double sided transactions.

All of the leads you will receive using the IDX Broker lead capture system will include a name, email address, and phone number. About 40% of the leads also provide a mailing address, which is usually legitimate.

Approximately 20% of the leads that register will provide fake phone numbers. But, even the leads that don’t provide accurate phone numbers are real potential buyers. There is a real person behind the bogus information. When the time comes that they need an agent, there is a good chance they will contact you because it is your website they have been using for their house hunting. Nearly all of the leads provide a valid email address.

The leads that show up in your prospect manager have already been weeded down. Less than 10% of the new visitors to the website will end up registering and becoming leads. New leads don’t have to register until after they have viewed three properties. This ensures that only people serious about looking at homes for sale in your area are going to be show up in the prospect manager as leads.

Lead Contact Information


We don’t require it, but about 30% of the leads will also provide a mailing address.

Properties The Lead Is Viewing

You will also be able to see where the lead is looking for real estate, the price range they are looking at, and the last home they viewed on the website.

Criteria Your Lead Has Looked at That You Will be Able to View


Saved Searches and Favorite Listings

When your lead saves properties, or default search criteria, you will be able to view this information too. This information is very valuable for giving you a feel of what your future client likes, and what they will be looking for.


Focus on “Hot Leads”

As your leads continues to come back to the website you will be able to track their most recent visit, ┬átheir last log in, if they have verified their email address, homes they have saved as favorites, and other information that will help you focus on the “hot leads” that will be buying soon.


How Many Leads Can I Realistically Expect to Convert to Closings?

If the leads are worked half heartedly, only one email sent out with no phone call attempts or follow up made, about 1% of them will result in closings, mostly from them contacting you when they are ready. However, if they are treated right, and really worked, a conversion rate of 5% is possible.

By far the most important thing that can be done to create conversions is make phone calls. The phone calls should be made as soon as possible, and there should be multiple attempts made. Our top agent gets hold of 57% of his leads by phone. He attempts phoning each lead six times. We had one agent who has had 9 closings in a month just from leads.