Alan began his real estate career in 2005 as a real estate agent in Logan Utah. With a background in business and internet marketing, his immediate focus was on using the power of the internet to generate business. As a practicing real estate agent, one of his clients (who found him via the internet) was Ethan Poppleton.

Alan’s websites soon provided him with more real estate leads than he could handle, and he looked for a way to focus exclusively on his passion of real estate lead generation.

In 2008 Alan teamed up with start-up real estate brokerage  Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals, and provides them with more than 750 real estate leads every month. In 2010 he teamed up with another relatively new brokerage in Salt Lake, Elite Realty Group, and now provides them with nearly 1,000 leads a month.

Cornerstone has been the #1 brokerage for buyer transactions in Cache County Utah for the past two years. In March of 2011, Elite Realty Group was the #1 brokerage in all of Utah for buyer side transactions. The credit for these brokerages success lies in the high quantity of internet leads they receive.

Seeing the power of internet leads, and the benefit it offers real estate agents and brokerages, Boomerang Leads was formed to share this power with dedicated agents all over the country.

Are you next to experience the Boomerang Effect and take your business to a new level?

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