Thanks For Signing Up!

We’re as anxious as you are to get you home buying prospects! To get the ball rolling, follow the steps below. This process may be ask quick as 3 days, or as long as 30; Depending on how responsive your MLS is.

To avoid any delays, it is important you follow these directions closely

1. Talk to a Boomerang Representative

If you have already completed the sign up form, you were directed to this page. A Boomerang Leads representative has now been notified and will review your application and determine move forward or not. You may contact a rep directly by calling 410-515-3237.


2. Sign Up For IDX Service

After you have completed the sign up form, talked with a Boomerang representative, you will then be informed which domain we will use to gather your leads. DO NOT COMPLETE THE IDX SIGN UP UNTIL YOU ARE GIVEN A DOMAIN. Once you have received your domain, IDX sign up instructions are found right here.

In most areas it only takes a few days for your your IDX and MLS approval of your website. In some instances this can take several weeks.


4. Pay Your Start Up Fee (if necessary)

Pay Start Up Fee – Once your IDX service is good to go, simply pay your start up Fee. We will send you an invoice where you can pay via credit card.


5. Stay Informed. Get Closings. Make Money.

An internet real estate lead is only good when it converts to a closing and commission check. There are certain techniques, practices, and steps that will help you to convert more leads. Rather than figure everything out on your own, learn from what some of our top producers do that help them convert a high quantity of internet buyer leads.

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