Maximize Lead Conversion

If you’re looking for a lead solution that will take your team or brokerage to the next level, you’re in the right place. Many brokerages find that paying for leads for agents isn’t worth the cost because most agents will not adequately work internet leads.

Our custom lead management software was designed with you in mind.  We have a unique formula that will automatically assigns leads to the agent who is the most ready and best suited. Turn agents off from receiving leads when they are on vacation or are too busy to properly work them.

The system also helps agents determine which leads are the hottest to work (ie who’s online, recent visits, tasks set, lender qualified, etc).

Agent Monitoring

Our system gives you a quick glance at which agents are working their leads and those that have slacked a little. This allows a team leader or broker to see who may need a little more encouragement or training.

Quickly reassign leads, email leads, see lead history, and login as your team members and agents to see exactly what they are seeing when they log in. Also, when someone goes on vacation, pause their account so that new leads are assigned to others who are better ready to serve the needs of the lead/contact.

Document and Transaction Management

Our software tracks contract data and documents. As a broker or office manager you will be able to see all deals that are under contract for everyone involved — and project future earnings.

Contact us today and find out how Boomerang Leads can give you a better solution to more business.  We can schedule an online software demonstration at your convenience as well.

Interested in opening your own Boomerang Real Estate Brokerage, and get our leads and software for free?  Contact us today and let’s get your own brokerage up and running on a solid foundation of leads and custom software to manage it all.